Business Performance:

Survey and Reporting for 4 Business Segments: With JCG Performance Tracker™, you have the ability to track business successes based on your business’ segments:

  • Funeral Home-At Need
  • Funeral Home-Pre Need
  • Cemetery-At Need
  • Cemetery-Pre Need
No other program of its kind allows you to survey customers and follow up with reporting analysis on all divisions of the funeral and cemetery business.


Survey Distribution – JCG Performance Tracker™ generates customized surveys which are sent out to your customers in a prompt, quick manner. The survey questions have been meticulously written by industry professionals who are knowledgeable and highly experienced in the industry. Every question has been thoroughly thought out to ensure that every response is meaningful and provides value for the Performance Tracker customer.

Survey Data Collection – We make it simple for your customers to fill out the survey provided. They have the option of filling out and mailing back the survey in a postage paid envelope or filling out the survey securely and safely online.


Powerful Reporting – JCG Performance Tracker™ offers contract and survey reports that provide accurate analysis on the fly, pinpoint areas of strength and weakness as well as measure your company’s overall performance, levels of customer satisfaction, and sales performance in great detail.

  • Access to Data Anytime – Real time reports at your fingertips with the flexibility to compare your company to other companies in the program.
  • Details, Details – View your data in as much detail as you want. Filter by date range, company, location, region, arranger, and case type. With this level of visibility, you will know where your company is in overall performance, customer satisfaction, and sales insight.
  • Export Data – Export your survey customer details for future marketing opportunities and follow up.

Spot Trends – Drill into the data to spot trends with sales performance and customer satisfaction.

Exclusive Offers:

Discount Coupons – Customized discount coupons can be generated and sent to all of your loyal customers. These coupons will be custom to your funeral business, the denomination you choose, with terms and conditions of your choice.

Customized ID Cards – For all of your Pre Need customers, you have the option of providing identification cards that have details of your funeral business, the purchasers name and specifics of their purchase (account number, date of purchase, and the location of the purchase). These cards are a gratuity to your customers and are provided free of charge. This is just one way to set yourself apart from other local business in your industry!

One of a Kind Opportunities:

Exclusive Insight – Created by industry experts, JCG Performance Tracker™ is the first and only program of its kind to measure customer satisfaction and sales contract information in a truly meaningful way.

Unique Opportunity – Gain valuable management insights that allow the company to reach unprecedented levels of customer service and maximize financial performance.

Arranger Monitoring and Performance:

Arranger Monitoring – It is important to monitor individual arranger’s customer service and sales performance to identify key performers for positive reinforcement and underperformers for continued coaching. JCG Performance Tracker™ provides the data and tools needed to effectively execute accountability management.

& Much More:

Alerts – Reports are generated to notify you of families requesting additional information or services as well as immediate notification of the receipt of a negative survey response. This notification is sent to your email address of choice.

Access Anywhere – View your reports from anywhere! On a PC, a Mac, mobile device or tablet.

Secure – JCG Performance Tracker™ is fast and completely secure. The application automates the process of conducting customer surveys and sales analysis at the company, location, arranger, and case level. Each customer is provided a secure login to access their data online anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Our Customers Say…

“JCG Performance Tracker™ provides the most accurate and comprehensive reports of its kind. It’s revolutionized the way our directors do performance analysis of arrangers and management staff.”

“Very inclusive tool with countless features that take the time consuming work out of daily jobs, allowing my staff and I to focus on the important things; like taking care of our families at need. Excellent tool!”

“Highly impressed with how the complex calculations are made easy to understand and interpret in all of the Sales Analysis and Sales Snapshot reports. JCG Performance Tracker™ is a “must have” application for anyone working in the funeral home industry.”

“Thoroughly enjoy working with this user-friendly software; with ease of operation and the versatile options and enhanced features that allow me to stand apart from my local competition for all of my business divisions. Thank you JCG Performance Tracker™!”

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